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        • QBK氣動隔膜泵

        • Nut, screw

        • MPX magnetic pump

        • MPH 磁力泵

        • At the end of valve / non-return valve / non-return valve

        • MP (H) CQF series magnetic pumps

        • Filter ball, hollow ball, stuffing

        • FSY submerged pump

        • Model ZMD self suction acid base pump

        • Model FSG plastic pipe pump

        • FS type plastic centrifugal pump

        • structure

        • MP-120R

        • MP-120R

        • MP-100R

        • MP-70R

        • MP-55R

        • MP-40R

        • MP - 30rm

        • MP-30R

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        Program customization

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        Home installation and commissioning
        (Including foreign)

        Founded in 1998
        Quality first, honesty

              Kunshan Yimeida Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional dedicated to corrosion-resistant pumps and electroplating filter R & D design, production and sales of large modern manufacturing enterprises.       Yimeida has more than 20 years of production experience, and equipped with a sound computer-aided design system, water pump performance testing system, motor performance testing equipment. At the same time product design, mold manufacturing,...